Labor and Employment Law copy
Labor and Employment Law

Our firm’s attorneys routinely counsel our school board clients on a variety of day-to-day labor and employment matters. We specialize in matters involving tenure, anti-discrimination, family and medical leave and wage and hour laws. Specifically, we are effective and experienced in prosecuting Tenure Cases before Commissioner appointed arbitrators and appearing in both state and federal courts to handle the complex litigation that often times results from employment related decisions made by the Chief School Administrator and Board.

We regularly defend our clients against a variety of labor actions and contract disputes, including but not limited to, the defense of unfair labor practice charges and grievances, and the filing or defense of petitions for unit clarification and scope of negotiations.

We understand that no matter what the issue is that results in litigation, Board members will be concerned and in need of advice and advocacy. Not only are we well-prepared to handle such litigation, we are mindful of and confident in our abilities to appropriately advise our clients on the legality, pros and cons of all labor related decisions at the onset in order to limit, as much as possible, any potential liability to the Board.