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The attorneys at The Busch Law Group are uniquely skilled to assist colleges and universities with the issues and challenges that arise on a daily basis. The firm recognizes that matters arising in the higher education arena often require the assistance of education law specialists who are well-versed in the nuances of matters involving students, staff, and administration. Our attorneys advise institutional faculty and staff on a range of student, personnel and compliance issues.

We commonly provide our client institutions with faculty and staff training on a variety of topics including sexual harassment, affirmative action, student and staff discipline, collective bargaining, and accommodating students and staff with disabilities. Additionally, the firm’s attorneys are regularly asked to serve as special investigators for sensitive and sometimes complex student and personnel matters.


· Training and General Counseling

· Drafting and Amending Policies
· Student Discipline
· Students and Staff with Disabilities
· Business Contract Drafting and Review
· Sexual Harassment / Affirmative Action
· Title IX Compliance

· Specialized Student and Staff Investigations
· Traditional Labor Services

· Staff Discipline
· Collective Bargaining
· Arbitration Hearings
· Employee Contract Drafting and Review