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Collective Bargaining

Our firm’s attorneys specialize in all facets of the collective bargaining process. We work with our school board clients to draft, negotiate and interpret agreements with their local unions. We have successfully negotiated and are currently involved with the negotiation of numerous collectively bargained agreements between our clients and their respective local unions. Not only have we negotiated these agreements from start to finish (i.e., exchange of proposals through the final drafting of the succeeding agreement), but we have also been tasked with joining the process after its inception to assist our school board clients to overcome an apparent impasse and facilitate a resolution. Our experience in dealing with all varieties of local units (i.e., teachers, administrators and supervisors, custodians and maintenance, bus drivers, etc.) has made us familiar with and well prepared to handle the nuances associated with each units’ respective agreement. We are particularly adept at recognizing and understanding our clients’ goals and needs, assisting our clients to understand and become comfortable with all stages of the negotiation’s process, and ultimately navigating our client’s through this process to ensure a settlement consistent with our clients’ desires.